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The 24/7 Online Radio Group runs a diverse range of internet radio stations. We only play music under completely Royalty Free Licenses* provided and/or purchased from a number of recording rightsholders (ie composers/creators, music libraries and companies) whose works are not registered through the Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) nor Collective Management Organisations/Mechanical Copyright Protection Societies. The payment to copyright holders to stream their music tracks on our stations has been determined by individual, negotiated licenses and/or agreements.

We have selected and purchased non-PRO music from the following libraries or collections provided by AKM MusicRoyalty Free TunesFilmmusicFree Stock Music FSM TeamKayser Medienverlag, InAudio and The I Chill Music Factory. The composers/creators who produce their own music include Stewart Dugdale of Royalty Free Tunes, Anthony Kimber McTiffen of AKM Music, and Johannes Kayser of Kayser Medienverlag.  Filmmusic and Free Stock Music FSM Team, provide license agreements on behalf of their composers which means we may have a number of additional non-PRO composers/producers whose music we play on our stations. This includes Sascha Ende from Filmmusic and ESCP from the Free Stock Music FSM Team,

Our non-music station is 24/7 Nature Radio. In addition to including recordings from some of the collections mentioned above, the 24/7 Nature Radio producer (who is non-PRO) has recorded sounds of nature from the natural environment. We have included a nature podcast for the Zeno app which can be downloaded.

Our library of licensed music consists over 8000 music tracks and this is steadily increasing. We thank the copyright holders, composers/creators who produce their own recordings and companies for licensing their music to us.

Wherever possible, we credit the composer/creators on the radio station’s website. Composer/musicians and their track titles are credited in our digital streams. Composers (creators) have there own dedicated webpages on this website so that listeners can learn more about them and their work and how to purchase their music.

Our checks

Although we have been provided with licences and/or written agreements, we still check on ASCAP and BMI, SACEM and PPL Repertoire, GEMA and PPL Member/Label online search tools to ensure that the declared copyright holder and/or music is not registered and is PRO free. In some case where copyright holders have not registered their music but are still registered with a PRO themselves, we do not play their music on our streaming stations.


Due to licensing, we may not broadcast to all countries. This is quite normal with internet stations.

Mixcloud Cloudcasts

The music royalties on our Mixcloud cloudcasts and stations are paid by Mixcloud which has a comprehensive licensing framework with rightsholders globally, including licenses with record labels, publishers, collecting societies and more. Mixcloud’s ICE ‘Core’ licence covers PRS, STIM and GEMA repertoire for their combined 290,000 members and repertoire for some of the leading independent music publishers. However, in the UK, since PRS has introduced license fees for music playing on websites, we no longer use the Mixcloud players on our websites as we have been unable to confirm if the Mixcloud licensing framework covers embedded players. We hope that we can clarify the licensing situation shortly.

(NB Our station webplayers on the our websites are playing non-PRO music which is not covered by the PRS License.)


Royalty Free Music is a misnomer

*Please note that the ‘free’ aspect of Royalty Free Music is a misnomer. Although no further royalties should be payable by the user, generally a fee is paid to the rightsholder(s) upfront ie composer/creator, musician, producer, record label, and/or publisher. The 24/7 Online Radio Group purchases a one-off license for use in perpetuity for a non-PRO collection or library of a producer/creator’s music tracks.

Performance complement

As our stations currently play tracks from seven main non-PRO collections the performance complement cannot be applied, ie 4 tracks by the same artist may be transmitted to the same listener within a 3 hour period. We are not restricted within the terms of our licenses how often we play the music tracks.

How do I report an infringement of copyright on 24/7 Online Group stations or websites?

In the unlikely event where we have infringed copyright, you can report alleged copyright infringement by emailing the station producer: producer (at)

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